Tim McEnerney
Wild IrisSingle RedOpen ScarlettMultiple ScarlettDramatic RedMadcap PoppyCadmium Yellow PansyRed MysteriousAbstract ScarlettBryce Canyon SunriseMysterious ScarlettScarlett Bud, out of focusSunrise PoppyPoppies 4Mysterious BudRed Poppy with HatPoppy HatPoppy 11Multiple ScarlettMultiple SalmonMulti Salmon w/AspenPink Poppy with BudHeart-Shaped BudPink Poppy with HatPink BudPoppy Bud 1Pink Shell PoppyPink AbstractPink Abstract PoppyAbstract PinkAbstract SalmonSalmon Poppy 1Salmon Poppy 14Salmon Poppy 3Last Bloom of FallMt Daly, CO SunsetLast of Fall in ColoradoEscalante, UT Solitary CottonwoodSunset at SnowmassSurreal LandscapeBee 25Bee 22Bee ShadowHigh Heel End TablePiano BenchBallerina StoolHigh Heel StoolEnd TableWillow End TableWillow End Table - stripped
Ann Vores
Ann Vores has worked in a variety of creative media -- for this online gallery she has chosen to present a sampling of her photographic images and furniture pieces.

Ann’s landscape and nature images are often quite interpretive -- she views her subject based more upon their shape, texture and color, transforming them beyond a straight pictorial reproduction.

With her furniture, Her willow pieces are very free form and so closely tied to the material used in construction, that the pieces feel as if they have grown naturally into shapes that also serve as functional furniture.

With her music benches, stools and end tables, Ann's approach can be described as truly "whimsical". She ncorporates her painting and upholstery background to create pieces that are as much sculpture, as functional. Her work becomes a canvas carried to an extra dimension……such as when she transforms her stool and table feet into ballerina slippers, or spike heels.

Ann’s work has been exhibited at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center’s Patton Gallery in Snowmass, CO, and many of them (each one unique) have found their way into homes as both functional furniture—and conversation pieces.